Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who controls the Internet? - Opportunity in the ICANN Issue.

The story so far.
The internet needs some one to allocate the country addressing systems &
maintain the root server from which the rest of the servers take their
addresses. Till 1998 this was done by a single person, However since 1998 the
US government created ICANN to do the same under its own supervisory control,
However since the iraq war & of late due to low confidence the world has on
the US & bush the world has been pushing for the US
to give up this control
.which the US is reluctant to give up
you can get a more fearful view from cobolhacker
The opportunity
This is a very ticklish issue because for the first time , In my view the
world has a opportunity to set up a global entity whom they are dependant on
( unlike the UN). All institutions we have set up & which work are usually
national ones & the world has no experience of a institution which works
outside national confines.
We have , in my view the nucleus of a arguement for a world authority to whom
all nations would have to submit to & also collaboratively controll.
Its a opportunity to end a unipolar world & to enter a collaborative world
which I hope does not go abegging.


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