Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cheers for OSS & Clam AV.

I have used a linux (Mandriva) system for many years & have never ever bothered about viruses. Mispaced confidence I am told ,but I havent till date been hit by the fabled linux virus.
I started looking out for a AV package because all my office comps were infected ( I am not much of a computer guy). I did finally find the windows version of Clam & it worked like a breeze . Whats more its gpl'd hence u dont have to worry about licencing , you get updates daily but hey this is not inferior stuff , you can get details of a comparative test & how some Av vendors cheat you here. You can download the windows version from here & read a review here.
I am also now using this on linux & since I use this as a desktop only , I dont run any mail agent, evolution users can get a script to help at Chapeaurouge’s blog


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