Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Autonomy To Kashmir . Why Now?

Pakistan has recently proposed that both parts of Kashmir be given full autonomy
India has reacted saying Indian Kashmir is autonomous & the Pakistani side might have
to do likewise.
The timing of the proposal leaves me with a lot of doubts coming soo soonafter the earthquake & after the LOC opening proposal.

Is it that the economic cost of the quake is so great that Pakistan would like to foist it on the "Autonomous Kashmir Region " & leave them to fend forthemselves.?

Has Pakistan lost badly the hearts & minds of the Kashmiris owing to sloppy response to the quake, not accepting Indian aid & delay in opening of LOC points & hence has to make up- Has the tide turned?

Or am I just a doubting thomas

What is wrong with Linux?

Linux has made a lot of ground on the desktop over the last few years , to
find out what linux is lacking check outthis article . I dont quite
agree with all the views expressed . I am a non-IT guy with rudimentary
knowledge using linux for the last 4 years & have had absolutely no issues
doing my mundane tasks. The article claims some difficulty with backups etc
( GUI). I have had no issue with mandriva & am using DrakBackup.
I often find people who tell me , what do I do if linux malfunctions & i am
not able to troubleshoot. I always tell them , even if you cant troubleshoot
you can always do what you do in windows - Reinstall!!! but make sure your
home partition is separate. Thats what I do if all else fails.
While on the subject I found another interesting analysis of the opensource movement

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Don't Use Microsoft Word

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shortchanged Citizens

Subsequent to the Volker report & Natwars resignation , the PM has taken over
Foreign Affairs .Apparantly the deal is that Natwar can be back if cleared.
Many bloggers have commented on Natwar carrying on as minister without
portfolio & enjoying perks without serving any purpose, But what irks me most
is the attitude of the government of treating this as some personal jagir to
be kept for dear ol Natwar .
I for one believe that India deserves to have a full time Foreign minister .
I am sure good candidates exist & keeping the business of the Nation in
abeyance in order to satisfy old Gandhi family cronies is just not in order.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who controls the Internet? - Opportunity in the ICANN Issue.

The story so far.
The internet needs some one to allocate the country addressing systems &
maintain the root server from which the rest of the servers take their
addresses. Till 1998 this was done by a single person, However since 1998 the
US government created ICANN to do the same under its own supervisory control,
However since the iraq war & of late due to low confidence the world has on
the US & bush the world has been pushing for the US
to give up this control
.which the US is reluctant to give up
you can get a more fearful view from cobolhacker
The opportunity
This is a very ticklish issue because for the first time , In my view the
world has a opportunity to set up a global entity whom they are dependant on
( unlike the UN). All institutions we have set up & which work are usually
national ones & the world has no experience of a institution which works
outside national confines.
We have , in my view the nucleus of a arguement for a world authority to whom
all nations would have to submit to & also collaboratively controll.
Its a opportunity to end a unipolar world & to enter a collaborative world
which I hope does not go abegging.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cheers for OSS & Clam AV.

I have used a linux (Mandriva) system for many years & have never ever bothered about viruses. Mispaced confidence I am told ,but I havent till date been hit by the fabled linux virus.
I started looking out for a AV package because all my office comps were infected ( I am not much of a computer guy). I did finally find the windows version of Clam & it worked like a breeze . Whats more its gpl'd hence u dont have to worry about licencing , you get updates daily but hey this is not inferior stuff , you can get details of a comparative test & how some Av vendors cheat you here. You can download the windows version from here & read a review here.
I am also now using this on linux & since I use this as a desktop only , I dont run any mail agent, evolution users can get a script to help at Chapeaurouge’s blog

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