Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Path For PSU Privatisation?

Privatisation in India has always suffered for political pulls & the refusal
of communist parties & Trade Unions to allow this to happen.
I recently read that Tata Tea has got rid of its Munnar estates by hiving this
off to its workmen . Like all Tata schemes this seems well thought out, Tata
has also restructured the Company by funding associated charitable
institutions & also helping it get out of maintaining offices all over the
Seems like the Tatas have given the Co a reasonable chance of survival , while
at the same time allowing workers to chart their own destiny.
Could this be a methodology for privatisation of PSU's taking care of both
social & economic obligations??
Govt wouldnt get a great price but seems that it would atleast unlock the
resources of sick industries & allow it to prosper or be liquidated.


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