Friday, October 28, 2005

Chennai Water Receeds

I had to struggle to get to work yesterday due to the rains, & the knee deep water at points . We were just wondering what we would do if the same continued today, Was lucky to wake up to warm sunshine, On my way to work today it was surprising to see many points were now totally dry,We had some trees fall off at my workplace, Some trees were saved by some enterprising chaps who chopped off overhanging branches to prevent toppling of trees. Today the uprooted trees were put back- hope it grows again.The ground had got so soggy yesterday that we could see the ground shaking like jelly along with the tree when the wind blew.Seems like natural forces are working overtime- we had the mumbai floods,slush floods in gautemala, Katrina, The earthquake, wilma & the chennai showers- I remember reading somewhere that this has something to do with climate change ( except the quake of course) .
Yesterday was the only day in my chennai stay that I could use a blanket while sleeping - reminds me of my time in the north, where you get great sleep in winters .
Check out this blog ! for chennai monsoons.


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